Acupressure is a treatment modality that relies on the manual application of pressure. Rebeca Truman, LAc, uses acupressure at Tranquility Acupuncture, LLC, to target specific muscles, joints, and blocked areas of the body. Call the office in Marysville, Ohio, to learn more about alternative healing methods like acupressure. Or schedule an appointment online.

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How does acupressure work?

Acupressure works in much the same way as acupuncture. But instead of inserting needles into specific points on the body, acupressure uses carefully applied pressure to trigger physiological changes.

This hands-on treatment option doesn’t strive to alter joint alignment in the manner of chiropractic care but instead focuses on soft tissue manipulation.

Acupressure improves pain management, anxiety and depression, and musculoskeletal injuries. It’s also an effective way to ease nausea and vomiting, breathing troubles, and sleep disruption.

Acupressure carries virtually no risk of side effects and is a good fit for many people who want to avoid pharmaceutical and surgical treatments. There is no need for advanced preparation or recovery time. Acupressure does not require anesthesia or needles.

What form of acupressure is gua sha?

Gua sha is a form of traditional Chinese healing that uses handheld tools with a smooth edge to manipulate your soft tissues. Long strokes begin with gentle pressure, then increase to deliver a more profound benefit to the muscle and tissue deep beneath the skin.

This treatment is not painful, and many people find sessions relaxing. Gua sha is thought to improve circulation, which is critical to your body’s healing process. Some research suggests that gua sha can also help your body eliminate toxins.

How does tui na work?

Tui na is another form of ancient Chinese therapy and massage that focuses on improving the flow of qi, your essential life force. The strokes used during sessions focus on specific acupoints throughout the body.

Tui na is thought to enhance harmony between the yin and yang of your body; imbalances can manifest as illness. Practitioners trained in tui na focus on specific strokes and pressure applications based on your unique treatment needs and goals.

If you’d like to try acupressure, gua sha, or tui na, Rebeca is excited to work with you and explore all treatment options. Together, you create an individualized plan to address your needs. Rebeca may recommend using acupressure together with some of her other services, like cupping or acupuncture.

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